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2m Apart Panels

Its never too late to get your hands on a 2m apart panel! why not start here? if you want holes added in a specific place for free of charge, please contact us on any specific requirements.


Only £3.50 Each *10 left*

Poster frame

Our poster frames are perfect for small offices, rooms or even being placed outdoors.
The A3 Poster frame has an inside size 300mm x 420mm.
The A2  poster frame has an inside size 420mm x 595mm.


A3 Only £8 & A2 Only £10 *6 Left*

Springflex 90mm - Non Illuminated

This Springflex 90 is a one off. Targeted for outdoor usage but still keeping a slim profile design.

Size - 1620mm x 3118mm


Only £370 *1 Left*

Projector Boxes - Illuminated

Moulded panel projection sign. please contact us if you have any questions about this product.

Size - 536mm x 536mm


Only £80 *6 Left*

*NEW* Springflex 140 Circle - Non Illuminated

Looking for something that stands out? This 140 from our surplus signs will do the job! 

Product Dimensions - 1710 x 1710

This product includes your choice of trim. However, please contact us regarding artwork as this is a extra cost.

Screenshot 2021-04-06 at 10.04.09.png

Only £499 *1 Left*

Textflex 85mm - Illuminated

This product is an Illuminated 85mm depth, indoor illuminated sign using the latest LED technology. The profile is in a silver anodised format. This sign does not include the face/ artwork which will be an additional £34 depending on the print quality.

size - 500mm x 2500mm


Only £199 *1 Left*

Textflex 120mm - Illuminated

The textflex 120mm deep case is perfect for indoor use. It is in fully working order and has been quality and LED checked by our specialists here at KSUK. This sign has a few minor scratches on the top of the sign however everything else is in perfect condition. 

All of our refurbished signs undergo profile cleaning, LED Voltage checks and quality checks as we would with a new sign.


Only £299 *1 Left*

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